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So what’s this whole “blog-thing” about?

Ok. I did. I signed up for a website. Pretty cool. I have my own domain name. (the tech-y nerd that lives deep inside of me is freaking out!) I feel like a very important person who can speak authority on all subject matters…because I have a website!

How many times have you googled the most random question or “how to”. I catch myself googling anything and everything.

“What to make with gooseberries.”

“What color eyeshadow goes best with pale white skin and hazel eyes”

“What age should a bull calf be castrated?”

“How does labor progress?”

Or even “where do babies come from?”

Ok, so the last one I knew about before google…but sometimes we need clarity! Google is such a powerful tool. Think about it. At some point in time, someone has written a blog, answered a question, or made a video about ANY topic! The world is literally at our fingertips.

I love the wealth of knowledge available to me. But at the same time, it makes me less dependent on a person to person relationship. If I have google, then I don’t need to make real relationships. If I have Facebook friends, then why do I need to invest in real friendships? Why should I have someone over to my house, sit eye ball to eye ball with them, and let them see me for how I really am? Real skin and blood relationships are tough. We might disagree. We might view things through different lenses. Instead of “trolling” on a blog post with zero concern for anyones feelings, I have to work through conflict with people I will physically see.

There something sacred about real, genuine, authentic, have-you-over-for-dinner type of  community. I’m on a quest to find that. My reason for starting this website is to encourage that. I’m tired of the “all put together, best front forward, filter out the imperfections” perception we give off of ourselves on social media. Here at the Deal Family Farm, we’ll have real talk. We’ll talk struggles, challenges, wins, funny stories, and  real life.

How’s this for genuine…I’m writing this in the bathroom. It’s the only quiet place in the house. My 3 year old just unlocked the door with a butter knife, and came in because she “HAS to wash her hands” and it obviously couldn’t wait. So I guess this writing session is over.

I’m excited for this website. I absolutely LOVE to write. I believe it is a gift that God has given me and I need to exercise it more often than I do. Feel free to follow along if you are hungry for more authenticity, more information, more humor, or more real life.



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