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SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!! (Yes, I’m yelling with the all caps)

Well ya’ll…its been a little while since this blog has been active. But don’t worry, the farm hadn’t gone anywhere! The loooonnnngggg winter had us begging for Spring, and now it is HERE!!! 🌼🌸🌻☀️
Here is what is happening this year on the farm:

🐮🐮Highland Beef cows! We successfully calved one baby bull calf in April. (Meaning, we woke up one day and he was already born! 🤣 This farm thing is tough!) They are being raised for beef, but I think are turning more into Isaiah’s best friends, so we’ll see how that ends up… right now we have:
5 momma cows (Hilda, Candy, Bangs, Isabella and Felicia.)
1 Bull (Oliver)
4 yearlings (Minnie Mouse, Daisy, Bubba, and Ralphie)
1 Baby Bull (Donald)
Anyone want to take a guess on who named all the babies?? 😜👧

🐔🐔Pastured Poultry!! Isaiah spent the winter reading up, researching, and building chicken tractors to prepare for a couple rounds of meat birds! They arrived in the mail the 3rd week of April and are now out on pasture soaking up the sun and keeping the ticks at bay! 🙌

🐓🍳🥚Laying Hens!! These ladies run the place and we have LOVED having some farm fresh eggs again! I’m usually the least picky person when it comes to food, but let me tell ya…I could barely stomach eating the eggs from Walmart!

🐷🐷Piggies!! A trip to pick up 4 feeder pigs somehow turned into 12 piglets arriving back at the farm! 🤔🤣 Isaiah is still working on getting them fence trained so they can move around the pasture to break up the ground where our cows spent the winter. When they get out they remind me of the toddler room at church. 🤣🤣🤪

We are still debating between 🐑Lambs and 🦃Turkey. (Meaning, isaiah wants both and I want neither.) we’ll how the compromising goes…

Campfire season is here and we love getting to stay up late on the weekends and chat around the glow of the fire! Come on out one night if you need some friends!

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