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Gearing up for our 2nd year as a farm!

Happy Spring, Friends!

We are so excited to be kicking off our 2nd year as a small family farm! We learned A LOT last year growing our pasture raised meats! Thank YOU for supporting us and being willing to buy some of your meat from a local source! That is how we change the way meat is raised in our country…one small farm at a time!

Thank you for helping us accomplish our mission to revitalize the local family farm!


We are finally coming out of what seemed like the LONGEST winter EVER! Seeing all the grass starting to turn green, getting our baby chicks in the mail, watching a fresh baby calf being born, and even delivering our own new human baby is all such a beautiful reminder that spring will ALWAYS come. Life on a farm makes you appreciate the new life of spring even more!

This year, we are making a few tweaks and changes to better serve you. We are simplifying the cuts of meat we will be offering. We learned what cuts we liked and what we really didn’t care for. We also want to offer products that we would personally buy for our family. This farm is a learning experience and we love growing with it!


One big change is that we have adjusted our pricing, to better accommodate bulk orders so you get to save some money when you stock up on a product you love! So you can create your own “Stock Up” bundles with whatever meats you love while enjoying a nice little discount to go with it! For most products we have a tiered pricing system with 1-4 items, 5-9 items and then 10 or more items with each tier receiving more of a discount. So the more you buy, the more you save!


-Whole Poultry 🐔  (Preorder for July!)
-Bacon 🥓 (Restocked in June)
-Sausage 🐷 (Restocked in June)
-Pork Chops 🐖 (In Stock)
-Lambs 🐑(Variety of cuts currently in stock as well as whole lambs available for preorder ready in November.)

**We are currently taking PREORDERS for our chickens, pork and lambs!**

This year we will have some limited amounts of Beef available in November from our steers, Donald and Mickey Mouse. (Is it weird to know the name of your animal? I never know just how close people want to be to their food!)



If you have a request for a special cut not listed above or want a whole hog or whole lamb send us a message and we will try to make it happen for you!


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Baby chicks!
Our fresh human baby
Calf we named “Kristoff” because his family members are “Elsa” and “Olaf” 😉
Pastured Pigs LOVE foraging! And making friends with our babies
Bangs is one of our Highland cow mommas!
Bacon in the making <3 

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