Bulk Beef (custom 1/4s and 1/2s)


1/4 is the default option available, you can select a Quantity of “2” to reserve a 1/2 of a beef.

$100 nonrefundable deposit required to reserve a quarter.

$200 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve a half.

$5.50/lb Hanging Weight includes: Customized cuts, all butcher fees, vacuum sealed meat, and home delivery in the Minot area.

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Looking for high quality, local, grass fed beef? We are here to make it as easy as possible to fill your freezer with the best beef around!  Don’t worry about lining up a butcher, paying live weight and then an extra processing fee, and then picking it up from the butcher. Who has time for all that? Once you decide how much beef you want, it is an easy 3 step (all online!!) process to getting your beef!

(A quarter can range from 125-200lbs hanging weight. A half can range from 250-400lbs hanging weight depending on the size of the animal)

1. Pay non-refundable deposit: $100 for a quarter. Add Quantity “2” for a Half $200. (online!) (deducted from your final invoice!)

2. Fill out an electronic customized cut sheet that we email you. (online!)

3. Pay final invoice (online!) once we get the final weight of the animal. ($5.50/lb hanging weight. No additional butcher fees!)

This 3 step process ends with us showing up at your door and loading your freezer with YOUR custom cut beef after we pick it up from the butcher! FREE delivery within 60 miles of Minot! Otherwise, pickup at the farm or butcher in Berthold, ND.

You will be able to customize your bulk beef order! The Processing IS included in your price per hanging weight. ($5.50/lb of the “hanging” weight.)

Useful definitions:
“Live weight” The weight of the animal before it is killed. (1000-1300lbs is a normal steer live weight)“Hanging Weight” The weight of the animal after it it killed, gutted, skinned, and cleaned. (Typically 55% of the live weight. (500-600lbs is normal for our cows) This is the weight that you are paying for.“Take home weight” This is the actual weight of meat that is going into your freezer. This will be less than the hanging weight because of the cuts, removing bones, and trimming excess fat.For a Half, you can expect a range of 250-300lbs for the hanging weight. ($1375-$1650 total)For a Quarter, you can expect a range of 125-150lbs for the hanging weight. ($685-$825 total.)We have found that in general, you roughly get 60% Ground Beef and 40% Steaks/roasts/cuts etc of your take home packaged meat.We will deduct your deposit from your final invoice that will be due on delivery 🙂

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1/4 Beef


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