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Have you been dreaming about owning your own milk cow and enjoying all the rich and creamy raw milk from her? For most people, it isn’t always a viable option to go pick up a new family milk cow! Not every city ordinance allows for a dairy cow in the backyard! We have been raising our own milk cows for the past couple years. We now want to be able to provide you with part ownership of our cow herd! You own part of the cow, we take care of it, do the early morning milking for you, and you get to benefit from the raw milk that YOUR cow produced!

Is Raw Milk legal to sell in North Dakota?

Actually, no. It isn’t.The only way to legally obtain raw milk in North Dakota is to get milk from your own herd. Which is exactly why herdshares are such a great option! Many people still want the option of drinking raw milk that comes from a very clean local farm, yet they aren’t at a place of being able to buy and care for a milk cow!  We are offering shares of our dairy herd so you can reap the benefits of having raw milk available to you. We do not sell raw milk. The only way you can get some of our raw milk is buy purchasing a percentage of our herd.

How does it work? Do I need to go buy a cow at the auction for you? No! We make it as simple as possible!

  • You decide how many shares you think your family will use. (1 share typically produces 1 gallon of milk per week).
  • You buy in to our herd for a 1 time fee of $50. (A much better price than that typical $2000 milk cow!) 
  • We will take care of your cows, do all the early morning milkings, fill the jars, and you simply pay a monthly boarding fee to help cover the expenses of your cow.
  • 1 share (Typically 1 gallon) is $14/week.
  • Subsequent shares are $12/week.
  • Share fees are billed monthly (4 shares/month) which covers the care expenses for the cow.

How do I get my milk from my cows?

Farm pick-up is what we prefer for getting your weekly dairy goods. We live 20 minutes west of Minot. This gives you a chance to visit your cows and gives transparency for how we raise them. If farm-pick up isn’t an option for you, we do currently offer delivery to Minot for a $4/week fee. 

We bottle the milk in glass half gallon Ball Mason Jars. We have found they are much easier to transport, store, and pour than bulky 1 gallon jars. Please be sure to wash and return your used jars each week.

If you decide this is something you would like to try, please complete the check out process, or contact Grace for more information. (701)578-4659.

Milk will NOT be delivered until all contracts are signed. I will send a follow up email with all herd share contracts attached. Please complete them and return quickly to ensure your spot in our herd. Spots will fill up fast!

Potential shareholders should be well informed on the risks associated with consuming raw milk. Good places to read more are:



The CDC and FDA have  warnings against consuming raw milk.

Our goal is for informed consumers to have the freedom to be able to provide the food they want to feed their families.

If the website says “On Backorder” then you will get added to our waitlist and sent information on how our herdshare works.


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