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2 sizes available: 3-4Lbs and 5-6Lbs. Option to have chickens cut up and pieced out is a $5 fee per bird.

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Pasture Raised Poultry!

Limited number available! First come, first serve!

Whole broilers! Moved to fresh grass everyday to receive the full benefits of living how a chicken was designed to live. Reserve your birds today to receive them as fresh as possible!

Available in 2 sizes:

3-4Lb birds are $20 each.

5-6Lb birds are $25 each. 

Option to cut up birds is available for a $5 fee/bird. (Minimum purchase of 2 birds cut up.)

Cuts include: 2) Boneless Chicken Breasts, (2)Leg Quarters, (2) Tenderloins, (2) Wings

Minimum order of 5.

PROCESSING DATES: (only 1 batch this year). All birds have been processed and are available for delivery frozen.

Orders are delivered and fulfilled in the order received and depending on our stock and the variable surrounding raising animals.

Consumer Advisory: Poultry products do not come from a government-approved source.

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3-4Lbs-$20, 5-6Lbs-$25, 7lb+ Thanksgiving Chickens-$35

Cut Up ($5/bird fee)

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