Whole Chickens (SUMMER 2023) *OPEN for reservations*


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2 sizes available: 3-4Lbs and 5-6Lbs. Option to have chickens cut up and pieced out is a $5 fee per bird.

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Pasture Raised Poultry!

*OPEN FOR RESERVATIONS* Ready July 2023. Limited number available! First come, first serve!

Whole broilers! Moved to fresh grass everyday to receive the full benefits of living how a chicken was designed to live. Reserve your birds today to receive them as fresh as possible!

Available in 2 sizes:

3-4Lb birds are $20 each.

5-6Lb birds are $25 each. 

Option to cut up birds is available for a $5 fee/bird.

Cuts include: 2) Boneless Chicken Breasts, (2)Leg Quarters, (2) Tenderloins, (2) Wings

Minimum order of 5.

PROCESSING DATES: (only 1 batch this year)


Orders are delivered and fulfilled in the order received and depending on our stock and the variable surrounding raising animals.

Consumer Advisory: Poultry products do not come from a government-approved source.

*Sale will be completed upon in-person delivery*



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3-4Lbs-$20, 5-6Lbs-$25

Cut Up ($5/bird fee)

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